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Car Accident Lawyer Jacksonville

Any traffic collision has the potential to change the lives of people involved and cause severe bodily suffering as well as significant financial losses. In the immediate aftermath of these situations, vehicle accident victims frequently face distress and uncertainty. They might not be aware of what caused their accidents, who is to blame, or whether they have a case for legal action that could aid in their recovery.

The team at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys can offer the sympathetic and responsive legal representation you require to approach your case with confidence if you or a loved one is healing from injuries experienced in an automobile accident that someone else caused. Our team works hard to maximise each client’s recovery to the highest extent permitted under Florida state law.

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The Jacksonville car accident lawyers at Spohrer Dodd Trial Lawyers have successfully handled serious injury and wrongful death lawsuits resulting from auto accidents for more than 150 years in total. We are aware that no two clients have the same set of circumstances, and that no single approach can be used to resolve every personal injury case. In order to fully understand the impact that our clients’ accidents have had on their lives, we take the time necessary to get to know them, learn about their experiences, and discover all of those consequences. Any motor vehicle collision may generate complex legal issues that you are unable to resolve on your own, making competent legal counsel a vital tool in these circumstances.

Each automobile accident case we handle benefits from the depth of experience of our staff and experts, including an on-site doctor. You will have an experienced legal team ready to deal with the obstacles standing between you and your rehabilitation, regardless of the special circumstances that may be present in your personal injury case. We are particularly qualified to handle exceedingly complex motor vehicle accident claims thanks to our client-focused approach to representation in accident cases and vast professional history. Following incidents, some wounded motorists and passengers have complicated legal concerns, and many of them have misconceptions about how to most effectively recover their losses.


Accident Lawyer


Injury severity in an accident might increase due to a variety of factors. For instance, incidents involving high speeds are more likely to cause severe or fatal injuries. Even if you believe you only sustained minor cuts and scrapes, it is imperative that you get medical attention as soon as possible following an accident. A automobile accident victim may not become aware of the severity of their injuries until the day after the accident since the adrenaline surge from the risk of the scenario might dull pain sensations.

An vehicle insurance claim and a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver will benefit from quick medical attention. This establishes a record that you were aware of your injuries and were responsible enough to seek medical attention for them. Any delay in getting medical care could result in issues with an insurance claim and/or personal injury lawsuit in the future. After an automobile accident, it’s a good idea to obtain legal advice as soon as you can in addition to immediate medical attention.

Even if you believe that filing an auto insurance claim will be all that is necessary to recover your losses, a skilled solicitor will make the insurance claim procedure more simpler and more likely to be successful. Also, they might suggest options for recovery that you had not thought of on your own, increasing the value of your case as a whole. Eventually, after a car accident in Jacksonville, it is always worthwhile to spend money on legal representation you can rely on. Although the no-fault law was intended to make vehicle accidents easier to resolve, many Florida drivers find that it actually makes things more difficult. In these circumstances, good legal counsel is a huge advantage.

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You must consult your auto insurance policy for instant coverage following a car accident in Florida. Your policy’s reporting obligations for your recent accident will probably be outlined in very clear terms. It is nearly always better to notify your insurance provider of your accident as soon as possible. Even though you are not compelled by your insurance to report an accident right away, doing so could jeopardise the outcome of your claim settlement.

Every insurer in the US is required by law to handle every claim in good faith. The insurance provider must first look into your claim to make sure it is valid. Then, they are compelled by law to provide you with the coverage you need for your losses in accordance with the terms of your policy. A comprehensive list of covered damages will be included in every auto insurance policy.

Other people have less fortunate experiences with their insurance providers, despite the fact that the majority of auto insurance claims are completed quite quickly and drivers receive their settlement payments shortly after filing. The claimant may have grounds for legal action against the insurer and the party that caused their injury if the insurer causes unjustified delays in processing claims, offers unfairly lowball settlements to take advantage of desperate claimants, or otherwise fails to handle claims in good faith.

The attorneys at Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys have a great deal of expertise managing disputes involving major insurance providers. You must consult a lawyer before accepting any insurance settlements. Legal representation will guarantee that the insurance pays you a reasonable compensation. Also, with the assistance of your lawyer, you will be well-equipped to deal with any instances of bad faith behaviour or other disputes related to your claim.

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