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Auto Accident Attorney Beverly Hills

The majority of auto accidents can be avoided if everyone obeys the law and shows consideration for others. But if a driver drives carelessly or recklessly, everyone everyone on the road runs the chance of getting into an accident. Even a little collision can cause serious injuries, psychological distress, and high costs for repairs or medical care. You have rights and should not wait to safeguard them if you find yourself in an automobile accident through no fault of your own. The secret to successfully obtaining the compensation you deserve is to work with Beverly Hills automobile accident lawyers you can trust, like those at BD&J.

Car Accidents’ Common Causes

Most drivers in Southern California believe they must drive defensively, if not aggressively, just to get to their destination in a timely manner. As a result, locals are accustomed to stressful driving situations and bumper-to-bumper traffic. This indicates that many people disregard the required safety requirements. Being continually alert can seem needless, especially when driving has become such a fundamental part of our lives that it has become second nature to us. However, it just takes a fraction of a second for carelessness to quickly spiral out of control and have disastrous effects.

Here are just a few typical causes of accidents:

  • driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • reckless driving, including lane changes that are not safe, using the emergency lane, etc.
  • failure to yield or stop
  • using a phone while driving when distracted
  • a faulty vehicle
  • hazardous weather or road conditions

If someone else caused the accident, they are subsequently accountable for their whole part in the incident, including all the ways in which you have suffered harm. We will work with you to file a lawsuit and conduct a comprehensive investigation into the facts of the incident to make sure that any other persons accountable are also questioned or deposed. Our legal team will make sure your voice is heard whether your case is settled out of court or goes to trial.

Should You Accept a Settlement for Your Car Accident Claim?

There are two options available when seeking compensation following an automobile accident: accepting a settlement offer from the at-fault party’s insurance provider or going to court. A judge or a court and jury will hear your case at trial, and they will render a verdict and set the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Settlements are used to resolve the vast majority of personal injury cases, including those involving traffic accidents. Usually, this happens because the at-fault insurance provider knows they won’t prevail in court. They will offer the wounded person a settlement in order to avoid being responsible for a potentially larger payout.

You should negotiate a settlement with the assistance of an attorney. The insurance company will frequently make an effort to settle your claim for much less than it is actually worth. Keep in mind that insurance companies, like any other business, are primarily focused on their own bottom lines rather than your recovery or your future. Our legal team can represent you in negotiations and work to get you a settlement that pays for all of your losses, including past and present medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, vehicle repairs, and more.

In other situations, the at-fault party may refuse to accept responsibility or may insist on accepting a meagre settlement offer that falls far short of what you deserve. What can you do, then? Litigation is used in this situation. If the insurance provider won’t pay the compensation you’re entitled to, your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf, take your case to trial, and ask for a just decision and monetary award. You must engage with a lawyer that is familiar with and skilled in the trial process.

Our team at BD & J, PC is ready to use our breadth of experience and in-depth understanding of the personal injury system to your advantage. Our auto accident lawyers can give you individualised legal advice about whether you should try to recover damages through negotiation or whether taking your claim to court will be better for your case.

Benefits of Consulting an Attorney

If you so want, you can handle your own vehicle accident claim. You probably won’t want to handle it alone once you learn about the benefits a car accident lawyer may bring to your claim.

You will gain the following advantages from employing a lawyer:

  • Accurate damage estimations: It’s rare to know the full level of damage a car collision has done right away. Instead, effects often take days, weeks, or even months to manifest, as in the case of a lower back injury that progressively deteriorates into incapacitating agony. An accident attorney will be able to precisely assess your overall losses based on both what you have already paid for and what you are likely to incur in the future.
  • When the at-fault driver adamantly denies being at fault for your collision, your case may be totally dependent on concrete proof. Do you know how to use it once you find it and where to get it through research? Alternatively, a lawyer does. By hiring a lawyer, you may relax while they handle all aspects of your case, beginning with gathering reliable evidence and judiciously using it.
  • Both settlement negotiations and courtroom action are options for resolution of your dispute. Both scenarios will benefit from the wealth of legal and legal experience that a reliable attorney will possess. You can presume that the defending party will have a committed defence team when they are being represented by a significant insurance company. If you do not have a solid understanding of liability law and how trials work, you shouldn’t try to take them on by yourself.

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