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Irvine Car Accident Lawyer – Irvine Car Accident Attorney – Auto Accident Attorney

Nobody should ever be concerned about receiving compensation if they are hurt in an automobile accident that was brought on by someone else’s careless or irresponsible behaviour. At Callahan & Blaine, a knowledgeable Irvine auto accident lawyer is prepared to intervene and obtain the settlement you are due.

Why Choose Callahan & Blaine to Handle Your Automobile Accident Claim?

When you are hurt, you should contact a reputable company like Callahan & Blaine because you will be represented. We will be on your side with our combined 700 years of legal experience.

  • Our Irvine vehicle accident attorneys are very knowledgeable about these cases and the potential legal complexities.
  • The most skilled trial lawyers in the business are those we employ. If necessary for clients, they won’t hesitate to take a matter all the way to trial.
  • We take claims on a contingency basis, which means that our clients incur no charges unless we win their case.

Car Accidents in Irvine: Common Causes

In Irvine, car accidents can happen in many different ways. Sadly, other drivers’ careless or purposeful behaviours frequently result in these incidents. Other drivers are among the most frequent reasons for collisions for which we assist clients in obtaining compensation.

  • Speeding or driving too quickly for the circumstances
  • driving while intoxicated or drugged
  • driving too close to other cars
  • not granting the right of way
  • failing to abide by the stop sign or light
  • operating a vehicle while being distracted by people or electrical devices
  • incidences of road rage

Accidents can happen in and around Irvine in a variety of ways, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. We urge you to contact one of our lawyers right away if you believe you have a personal injury claim against another driver.

Identifying Liability in a California Automobile Accident

After a car accident in Irvine, determining liability can be quite difficult. These incidents have a tendency to pit the accounts of two drivers against one another. If fault is not immediately apparent, an inquiry will be necessary. Evidence will be required to demonstrate the facts to insurance companies or a personal injury jury. The following forms of evidence may be useful in establishing liability following an automobile collision in our region:

  • photographs that were shot by visitors to the accident scene
  • video monitoring from cameras on surrounding structures
  • Dashcam video is being viewed.
  • testimony from witnesses
  • Driver and passenger statements
  • The police statement

Working with an expert in accident reconstruction may be required if the material acquired does not completely create a clear picture of what happened. These people will simulate what probably happened using 3D computer models and the evidence that is now available.

Statistics of Californian auto accidents

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), 3,602 persons died and over 273,000 were wounded in auto accidents in the state’s most recent reporting year. Injury victims frequently have to pay hefty medical fees and undergo lengthy medical procedures.

These accidents can leave a person out of work for a long amount of time and result in high medical costs. Some events are so serious that a person injured in a car accident is permanently incapacitated and will never be able to work again.

The costs associated with these collisions should always be covered by the at-fault driver.

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