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Maritime Accident Attorney

Maritime Accident Attorney. Even if tragic events like the Titanic disaster in 1912, the Andrea Doria and Stockholm crash in 1956, or the more recent Ecstasy cruise ship fire in July 1998 garner much of the media attention, an increasing number of tourists suffer injuries as a result of their travels.

The cruise capital of the world is the port of Miami. It has the largest year-round cruise fleet in the world and is home to approximately 20 ships. The Port of Miami served around 3.7 million passengers in 2006.


Due to their expertise in the field, familiarity with relevant maritime and admiralty legislation, and proximity to Miami, Best Info Link attorneys and detectives can quickly gather evidence and pursue cases on behalf of their clients. The Firm is familiar with all maritime travel-related paperwork, including Contracts of Carriage and Travel Itineraries created by lawyers working for cruise liner interests. The language in these contracts, such as forum-selection clauses where the cruise operator identifies the sole courts and places where lawsuits may be lodged, may be used against the passenger or victim. The Firm can also handle the Longshoremen’s Act, the Jones Act, and the Death on the High Seas Act suit.


An solicitor with experience in this field of law should typically be consulted for guidance on any claim involving death or substantial injury. Injuries on cruise ships, or those that happen while on a cruise-tour, whether they happen at sea, while going to and from land, on land, or in the air, offer a number of complicated legal problems involving maritime law, product responsibility.

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