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Scranton Personal Injury Attorney

A knowledgeable Scranton personal injury attorney can help if you or a loved one was hurt in a personal injury accident that was brought on by someone else’s negligence. Whether your injuries were brought on by a car accident, a medical error, or another form of incident, an attorney can assist you in obtaining the monetary compensation you are entitled to.

Even if it means facing off against a major corporation in court, our team is prepared and equipped to take on the at-fault party’s insurance provider. We have a successful track record trying personal injury cases to verdict, and we’ll do everything in our power to help your case turn out well.

Common Forms of Personal Injury Claims in Scranton

Numerous different circumstances can give rise to personal injury claims. For our clients in Scranton, some of the most frequent incidents we manage include:

  • Car Accidents: Every year, car accidents across the nation hurt millions of people. Developing the other party’s responsibility is essential to receiving compensation for your injuries. According to Pennsylvania’s comparative negligence law, you are eligible to receive a portion of your damages as long as your negligence does not outweigh that of the other party.
  • Wrongful Death: You might be able to file a wrongful death claim if a family member passes away as a result of another person’s carelessness. This can assist your family in obtaining compensation for losses such as funeral and burial costs, mental pain, loss of assistance financially, companionship, and more.
  • Product Liability: You anticipate a consumer product to perform as intended when you purchase it. Additionally, you anticipate safety. If this doesn’t occur, you or a loved one risk getting hurt. Your claim for a defective goods may name a number of parties, depending on the problem or flaw.
  • Medical Malpractice: A medical malpractice suit may be made when a medical professional commits a serious error. These are frequently highly complicated, therefore you must have an experienced Scranton medical malpractice lawyer on your side.
  • Dog Bites: According to Pennsylvania law, owners must make sure their pets don’t hurt anyone. The owner of the dog may be responsible for your damages if it bites someone.

Let a Scranton personal injury attorney assist you.

It can be difficult to get the other party’s insurer to acknowledge culpability and pay out in a personal claim. Some people exacerbate the situation by speaking with the insurance adjuster for the opposing party, who uses the information you give to try to undermine your case.

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