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Truck Accident Attorney Dallas

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Considering the size and weight of huge rigs and tractor-trailers, a truck accident victim may pass away or get fatal injuries. State and federal laws impose strict restrictions on business driving because these crashes may be so destructive. These laws contain intricate rules for vehicle upkeep, truck driver training, and the number of hours a driver is permitted to travel without stopping. Although drivers are expected to be totally attentive and cautious when operating a truck, this expectation is frequently not met.


Claiming Damages Following a Truck Accident

Lack of care frequently results in truck accidents. The victim may have a legal claim under the doctrine of negligence per se if a driver or business violates a federal or state legislation intended to keep people safe. According to this rule, the defendant will probably be found to have been negligent if the plaintiff can demonstrate that the defendant broke a safety law intended to protect the victim’s class, that the infringement led to the accident, and that losses were sustained.

A safety law intended to protect pedestrians, for instance, has been broken if a truck driver runs a red light and strikes a person. In this case, the pedestrian might be eligible to file a lawsuit under the negligence per se concept. The pedestrian may file a lawsuit under an ordinary negligence basis even if the court does not find negligence per se as a matter of law. Similar to this, a truck driver who causes an accident by forgoing required rest periods and dozing off behind the wheel may be held accountable for carelessness per se.

Truck Accident Attorney Dallas


The idea behind negligent hiring is that the truck company should not have recruited a particular driver because they knew or should have known he was incompetent at the time he applied for a job. In a similar vein, negligent entrustment calls for an injured party to claim that a trucking firm should not have trusted a particular driver with a truck because he was unable to do so securely. One of the things a victim must prove when suing a trucking firm for negligent hiring or negligent entrustment is that the corporation knew of the truck driver’s ineptitude at some point but continued to let him operate the truck. If a trucking company, for instance, is aware that a driver has two prior.

Choose a Proven Plano Truck Accident Lawyer to Handle Your Injuries Claim

Medical expenses, the impact of your injuries on your employment and family, and lifestyle adjustments may overwhelm you after a truck accident. These issues may be complicated due of the intricate regulations at play. Typically, the insurance companies for a truck driver and a trucking firm will work together to argue that an accident victim was at fault and that no rules had been broken. Yet, you might have a greater chance of defending your rights.

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